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We will be holding our monthly Defensive Pistol Match Wednesday the 3rd of February.

The match will follow IPDA style rules, with a focus on safety and fun. Cover garments and concealment holsters are not required. Expect to shoot 4 stages and approximately 100 rounds of ammo.

Match will start promptly at 6:30 and is $15. Please arrive earlier if you have not shot at TGR before so you can view their safety video and so you can get your gear ready.

Register here:

Stages will be available soon.

As prizes, we will be giving away three 100 round boxes of CCI Mini Mag and one 50 round box of CCI Stingers. The overall match winner will get first choice and then 3 other shooters will get to pick from the remaining ammo. The criteria for the remaining three winners will be chosen at random from a list of categories.

Drawing will be done and prizes given immediately after the match but bragging rights will likely be exercised at Mellow Mushroom following the match.