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The South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit training is conducted by Instructors certified / approved by the State Law Enforcement Division. These Instructors must be experienced and either Law Enforcement, NRA or certified by a competent national organization that promotes the safe use of handguns.

SLED mandates that all concealed weapons permit applicants complete an eight-hour training course. This course can be held during a one-day session (usually a Saturday, for easier attendance) or four two-hour sessions during the week. Applicants must learn the proper way to conceal the weapon (e.g., various holster positions, in an automobile, briefcase, etc.) and how not to conceal a weapon (e.g., not in the waistband or shoved under a car seat). Applicants must also demonstrate proficiency with the weapon during trials on a shooting range. Although there are specific accuracy requirements, the applicant is not expected to be a deadeye marksman with a pistol.

After completing the classes, the applicant must complete a test supplied by SLED. These tests are graded strictly as pass or fail. The applicant must demonstrate that she retained what she learned in the training class and what will be expected when carrying a concealed weapon. If the applicant passes the test, the results are forwarded to SLED. However, if the applicant fails the test, all is not lost. The applicant's scores are not forwarded to SLED but the applicant will have to repeat the eight-hour session. Once the session is repeated, the applicant may take the test again.

The cost of the permit is $50, payable to SLED.

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